Why Celebrating Wins Makes You A Better Leader

Sure, you’ve heard it at every goal-setting and leadership session you’ve attended… “Celebrate WINS”. 

But do you know why it makes you a better leader?

If you pay lip service to your team’s successes without recognition, what does that say about you as a leader?

How do you think employees feel about a leader who doesn’t appreciate their efforts?

Those perceptions may also reflect on the company’s ability to attract and retain the talent it needs.

7 Reasons Why Leaders Should Celebrate Wins

  1. It reminds you why the goal was important in the first place.

    When people apply themselves to the task at hand, they may forget why it was important at all. Taking time to celebrate the win reinforces the WHY behind the activities.

  2. It reminds you that a good goal-setting process works.

    Success inspires individuals to repeat actions that led to success. Setting and achieving goals at work can encourage your team to set other personal goals.

  3. Motivates your team.

    Lack of employee motivation is often blamed on the employees themselves. Most of the ownership for a poorly motivated team lies with the leader. Celebrating wins helps the team see they are part of the solution and can engage their discretionary effort. They’ll be even more productive for the next round of projects. A team that works together to achieve a common goal can help address interpersonal conflict, reminding them to get along and that all their talents contribute to the team’s success.

  4. Forces your team to focus on the positives.

    It’s human nature to dwell on the negatives or the missed targets. Celebrating wins forces the team to see the successes and puts the learning moments in the context of the wins.

  5. Builds momentum for you and your team.

    Small wins lead to bigger wins. Once a team hits a winning streak, they’re more likely to persevere through obstacles to keep the winning streak alive. This builds a success mindset. Breaking milestones into smaller goals allows momentum to build with a series of small wins.

  6. Gets you away from the “meh” of the day.

    Most of our days are filled with mundane tasks and routines. Celebrating wins is a cognitive break and sparks positive neurological activity with renewed positive energy. Happy chemicals such as dopamine are released when we celebrate. Let’s have a little fun!  As a leader, most of the interactions with the team are in a leadership / supervisory manner. During a celebration, your team members can get a glimpse of the “not work” side of you. It just plain feels good to celebrate wins!

  7. Allows you to recognize specific employees.

    When you’re clear about an individual’s contributions, including deadlines and targets met or exceeded, you can reinforce the kinds of behaviours the company values. This shows the other team how they, too, can be recognized.

Speak to an advisor to get learn other ways YOU can become a better leader.

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