What is a Business Advisor?

Practical Help & Guidance for Business Leaders

What is a Business Advisor?

Business Advisors are independent and experienced experts, able to offer hands on, practical help, advice and support in specific business areas that will help make a difference to business or organization success. Our advisors are business coaches, mentors and accountants. Ready to move your organization forward?

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When Should I Hire a Business Advisor?

Many business owners struggle with when to make an investment in growing their business, and how to invest both their time and money wisely. So they try something, and then something else, and so on - eventually exhausting their resources and ending up right where they started. The best investment you can make is in guidance from an experienced professional serial entrepreneur who knows the most effective places to invest. There are no guarantees. Every decision you make is a risk, and even with support some of your efforts will fall flat. If business were easy, everyone would do it, right? Hiring a business advisor isn't like hiring a fairy godmother. It's more like building your cabinet so that you can make fully informed decisions on your own.

Whether you are looking to use a specific type of project management or need some industry specific knowledge, a consultant can provide value to your business. Often, the need for this specialized knowledge is temporary such as to train your staff so it is more cost effective to hire a consultant rather than hire an employee. If you are considering a major purchase, using a consultant to help you determine your requirements and help with the purchase can be a very wise investment.

It might be an ineffective team, low employee engagement, high employee turnover or a public relations issue. A consultant can help you crisis manage or determine the best path forward to resolution.

Some consultants are used to deliver bad news such as layoffs or restructuring. As consultants are unattached to the staff, they can deliver the news more easily.

Even if everything is running smoothly, businesses can benefit from a review of operations, management or products. A consultant can review the areas and suggest areas for improvement (processes or products)

When you implement a new system, routine or process, you get the best return on investment when you strategically manage the change. Change management includes training so you increase adoption, utilization and proficiency more quickly and thus get benefits sooner.

Support through Evolution, Growth and Transitions

Grow with an Expert Business Advisor in Your Corner

Businesses naturally go through phases, but most people don't realize that the most dangerous phase is growth. Before you consider growing your business, consult with an expert entrepreneurship advisor to fully vett your path forward.

Provision Advisor Specialties

What Can an Advisor Help Me With?

We have experts in all areas of business and can provide consultants on a project basis to dig deeper into your industry or your markets. Our work together begins with a project charter outlining the scope of the work you would like us to do for you and the project's expected outcomes. Incorporating change management best practices increases the results of our projects by faster adoption, increased use or increased proficiency.

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