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Every not-for-profit organization has an operating and capital budget that is supported by various income streams – government grants, corporate donations, support from foundations, membership fees and individual giving.  Many organizations raise their own funds by operating business ventures or through fund development strategies.  What is becoming more imperative is that sustainable funding is needed and reliance on any one source of funds is a risk many organizations cannot continue to take.

At ProVision Coaching Network, we believe not-for-profit organizations are poised to improve the effective use of their funds by assessing all their procedures and practices through a business lens.  Realizing efficiencies and improved ways to execute many processes builds sustainability as precious financial resources are used more productively to achieve the mission of the organization.


Business Process Audit / Review – We walk through each of your business processes with a keen eye out for improvements that can save time, reduce error, improve productivity or lower risks.

Program Review – We assess the programs you offer as aligned with your mandate, mission and funding.  Our evaluation experts review and evaluate programs for impact and results.  Evaluation experts recommend improvements to the design or delivery of program to improve outcomes for program participants and the organization.

Board Development – We facilitate strategic planning sessions for board and leadership teams, identifying key outcomes and deliverables for the strategic plan.  Board training includes governance, risk management and recruitment & onboarding of board members.

Proposals – We coach and support the development of funding or program proposals.  Our services including coaching, writing, presentation coaching, pitch coaching, financial schedules and program evaluation

Note – Program are delivered on demand.  Please use the contact us form to let us know you are interested in our Not-for-Profit programs.

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