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It’s not “just business”. There are practical, day-to-day business decisions that need to be made but the people involved in the business need to also have their personal needs met. They want to feel valued and appreciated for their contributions to the family business: in business leadership or family leadership roles. Strong family businesses pay attention to relationship capital, not just financial capital and net worth. In this presentation, Laura explores family leadership skills that strengthen all 5 types of capital in a family business.


You need to pass the business onto someone else so you can step away and “retire”. Do you have a successor lying in wait or do you need to recruit one? Your successor wants a plan and agreements – with clear deadlines and plans to transition decision making and responsibilities to them. As your successor steps up, you step back. What do you want? To be useful, respected and appreciated. You want an income stream to fund your lifestyle funded. In this engaging educational presentation, Laura shares options and strategies to gain clarity for everyone’s futures.


You love working in the business, talking with customers and suppliers and continuing to steer the ship. You can’t think about what you’ll do when you no longer have the business to run. Your spouse, on the other hand, has many ideas of what you can do once you step away from the business and “retire”. Your adult children are ready to take on more responsibility in the business and are ready for you to step back so they can step up. What are you going to do? Laura helps you get ready for change, let go of the business and make new plans for the next horizon.


Conflict is a normal part of everyday human interaction. When you are in a family business, there are more opportunities for there to be conflict. Individuals come to a decision from different perspectives, using lessons learned from different experiences and from various personal characteristics and communication preferences. Some individuals are direct and others beat around the bush. Some are spontaneous and others need time to reflect and do their own research before voicing an opinion. Avoiding conflict keeps your business and family stuck or at an impasse, unable to improve their business or their family harmony. In this presentation, Laura gives you the tools, tips and techniques to improve communication in your family business.

Financial pressures are the primary source of business stress.  Many business owners don’t pay attention or understand their cash flows.  If you fail to speak the language of business, you’ll fail to take advantage of opportunities to more effectively manage cash flows and reduce your stress.  In this education presentation, Laura builds your understanding of cash flows and builds financial literacy for leaders.

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People often think that to be in a family business means that you have family members who own or work together in the business.  That’s only part of the story.  In essence, if you have a family and you have a business, you are in a family business.

ProVision Coaching Change Management Transition Management Services

When implementing changes in the business, careful attention to the people side of change results in faster implementation, increased utilization and greater proficiency.


We believe not-for-profit organizations are poised to improve the effective use of their funds by assessing all their procedures and practices through a business lens.  Realizing efficiencies and improved ways to execute many processes builds sustainability as precious financial resources are used more productively to achieve the mission of the organization.


Memberships are available for organizations looking for regular meetings and ongoing support. Sessions can be used by shareholders, owners or team members as directed by client.


Gather with other business leaders and owners to share ideas and drive your business forward.


Participants to roll up their sleeves and generate action plans for a specific area of their business.


Topics include lead generation, sales, finance, cash management, hiring & performance management, team building, leadership, systems, operational excellence, productivity and strategy. 

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