Business Changes and Transitions

If you’re planning to implement some changes in your organization but don’t know where to start, contact our experts to help you plan and execute a plan to ensure you get results.  All too often, business owners fail to get the results they intended because they fail to implement people management into project management.  The result?  Investment in project deliverables that are either:

  1.  Not adopted by employees OR
  2. Not implemented on schedule resulting in delayed benefits OR
  3. Low levels of competency – employees do not become fluent, proficient users.

These challenges reduce the ROI on the investment in the project so the intended benefits of the change are not realized.  You can finance and  build a ship, but if you can’t recruit the sailors or have competent navigators, you’ll never reach your destination.   LOST OPPORTUNITY

Successful business owners are always learning and implementing changes that will improve their results:  improve profits, reduce stress or save time.  When implementing changes in the business, careful attention to the people side of change results in faster implementation, increased utilization (more employees use it) and greater proficiency (people use it competently with fewer errors).

Once you’ve determined what changes you want to implement, we can integrate the people side of change to achieve the intended outcomes with less frustration.  At ProVision Coaching Network, our experts work with you on business process changes, policy implementation, executing on strategic business changes, workflow, or operational changes.  Our process follows industry leading PROSCI methodology adhering to the successful ADKAR model.

A  – Awareness of the need for change

D – Desire to change

K – Knowledge about the change

A – Ability to execute on the change

R – Reinforcement or Resistance management.

When your changes require PEOPLE to do something differently, change management practices smooth the way!

Leveraging Your Success