Provision business coach and executive Laura Bechard, discusses business routines to increase profits, save time, and reduced stress in Calgary's economy.

On our farm, getting the equipment ready for spring seeding or the fall harvest is an important seasonal routine. If we have an equipment breakdown, we increase risk to the business. If we don’t get the crop planted by a certain date, we increase the chance that we won’t get it harvested before frost or other inclement weather arrives in the fall. In a crop production business, no crop = no revenue.
For us, routines are an important element to save time, to increase safety, to reduce stress or to minimize input costs. For others, routines are an essential element of their creative process. What routines are in place in your business? It might not sound like stimulating conversation to discuss the routines in your business, but when you link routines to increased profits, time savings or reduced stress, now that is worth talking about!

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.” ~ Tim Ferriss

The real return on the investment in routines comes from selecting activities that are impactful for your business. Impactful routines for finance, marketing, training, service, customer service, purchasing and sales add up to the routine of business.
I believe that business is a tool to help you live the life you want to live. To live the life you want to live, you need to have a predictably profitable business that succeeds without you. That means you need to ensure all your motors are runnin’ with impactful routines. It might be time for a tune up. If you believe this too, let’s talk.

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