Are you ready to strip … down to the bare essentials?Here’s a little exercise for you to do.

Think about the KEY business objective for the next 100 days that will have the most IMPACT on achieving your vision.

Now, reverse engineer the optional paths to get there. Can you break this 100 days into 10 – 10 day smaller projects?

Select the optimal path – the one that gets you there quickest with the maximum return on effort or resources spent.

Eliminate all steps in your existing routines that do not add value – can you use some LEAN principles to improve your results?

Strip away the excess “noise” in your routines. Improve your processes by making them more efficient yet still effective. You’ll gain time that you can re-direct into profitable activities or those that bring you satisfaction.

At ProVision Coaching Network, our coaches help you audit your processes to make them LEANer and we’ll help you manage the change so your business realizes the intended benefits and results.

Leveraging Your Success