The urban dictionary describes a “one trick pony” as someone who has few talents or skills.

As a business owner, I’ve fallen into the same trap many of you fall into: thinking I am skilled in all aspects of the operation and in the business. I am not a ONE trick pony, but I’m not an ALL trick pony either.  So now what do I do about it?

I am now AWARE of the need to change SOMETHING to grow my business, reduce my stress or save me time. If you’re like me, you mull this idea around in your noggin for a few weeks, months, perhaps years until something spurs your DESIRE to make the change. This catalyst might come from within or from outside yourself.

AWARENESS and DESIRE are critical elements that need to be in place before I am motivated to do the work to realize the benefits of the change I want to make. Once I’ve reached the tipping point for these, I can move into KNOWLEDGE and ABILITY. You might be thinking, “aren’t these the same?” Nope! And you can’t get an impact from starting with Knowledge and Ability if there is no Awareness of the need for change or Desire to change built first. Just ask anyone who raised children!

KNOWLEDGE is easy to acquire – I can read a book, talk to an expert, read an article, listen to a podcast, watch a video, take a class, etc. There are oodles of ways to acquire KNOWLEDGE. ABILITY is needed to put knowledge to work: apply it to your situation, and overcome obstacles that get in the way. Increasing your ability might come through trial and error, coaching or other skill development interventions. A simple example, “I know that if I ate better and exercised more, I could lose the 20 pounds I want to lose”. Acquiring knowledge isn’t the problem. Getting results is a bit of an ability challenges, but moreso overcoming RESISTANCE or REINFORCING the change I want to make. Making new habits, following new systems, sustaining change is hard. It takes intentional focus, confidence to try and often a bit of help.

That’s where we come in. At ProVision Coaching Network, our team of business experts has the specialized knowledge need to perform at a high level so your business gets results. Our coaches support the implementation of key concepts and effective, proven business practices. YOU realize the benefits as we help you anticipate, address and overcome obstacles and resistance. Your, your business, your employees, your family, your health, your relationships all reap the benefits if you get the results from the change you want to implement.

Leveraging Your Success