What Problem do you Want?

Life’s never without a challenge or a problem. You have the opportunity to decide what problem you want whenever you are faced with trade offs. All of us make trade offs all the time. By saying “yes” to one choice, we are by default saying “no” to others, many of them good ideas or good actions.

When you are in business with your family, saying “yes” to the family means saying “no” to the business. It’s all about balance. It is time to rebalance if you:

  • feel your trade offs are getting you out of balance
  • feel stuck or feel you’ve hit a plateau
  • feel some distress in your personal relationships as a result of saying “no” to the family & “yes” to the business
  • feel your health is being neglected, being told “no” too often
  • feel unappreciated at home or in the business
  • feel your significant other has his/her priorities out of whack
  • feel something needs to change
  • want your good relationship to be great again

If you can relate to any of these statements, contact us to uncover effective strategies to help you rebalance. It’s not therapy! It’s education.

Leveraging Your Success