To whom it may concern,

Coach Laura Bechard has been one of the most influential factors supplementing the success of my digital marketing agency in the short amount of time I’ve known and been working with Laura.

I remember one of the first things that Laura said to me, which was “Hey nice to meet you, who is your Coach?”. And in my mind that meant “Hey nice to meet you, you seem like a successful business person, you must have a Coach”. That made me realize that every business owner truly needs a coach at some point during their career path to success.

I’ve worked with several coaches for my business that have come and gone, but Laura has been the first coach that has truly helped me work ON my business. One of the most noteworthy aspects to Laura is that when I had a plan of action, she held me accountable to it. And when my plan seemed like it was something I needed to do, Laura always gave her honest opinion.

Because in my industry digital marketers sometimes fall victim to what’s known as the “shiny object syndrome”. And Laura’s vast professional experience has always set me on the right path. I implore any business owner that wants to work ON their business, instead of for their business and is curious about working with a business coach, please, look no further than Coach Laura.


Sincerely, Chris Eder of One Source Profit

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