Family around a computer with a piggy bank

People often think that to be in a family business means that you have family members who own or work together in the business.  That’s only part of the story.  In essence, if you have a family and you have a business, you are in a family business.


We believe not-for-profit organizations are poised to improve the effective use of their funds by assessing all their procedures and practices through a business lens.  Realizing efficiencies and improved ways to execute many processes builds sustainability as precious financial resources are used more productively to achieve the mission of the organization.


Memberships are available for organizations looking for regular meetings and ongoing support. Sessions can be used by shareholders, owners or team members as directed by client.


Gather with other business leaders and owners to share ideas and drive your business forward.


Participants to roll up their sleeves and generate action plans for a specific area of their business.


Topics include lead generation, sales, finance, cash management, hiring & performance management, team building, leadership, systems, operational excellence, productivity and strategy. 

Leveraging Your Success