One Simple Change to Benefit your Business in 2016Tis the time for folks to start thinking about wrapping up 2015, reflecting on the year that was and developing a vision for the year ahead.  Many New Year’s resolutions are for personal change.  Here’s one small change that you can make in your business that will have a significant impact over the year.  Are you ready?

Put time aside to work ON your business.

This is simple, but not easy for many entrepreneurs to do.  Putting time aside each week to work ON your business is critical for strategic change and growth.  Many entrepreneurs are so busy working IN the business that time is not consistently dedicated to working on the business.

You might be wondering what you do to work “ON” your business or maybe feel you are already doing that.  Here’s a list of some ideas to get you started.

  1. Review your financial results for the month / year and compare them to your targets / budgets or industry benchmarks.
  2. Identify one good result from the week / month and then update or create routines so you can repeat this success throughout your business – multiply the effect across the organization and make it consistent.
  3. Identify one bottleneck or one pain point and create a solution, document it, make it routine.
  4. Learn about your industry, business, or about very different businesses.  Look for ideas to leverage or use in your business.
  5. Plan & Execute.  Identify what your next steps are to realize your vision for success in business.  What do you need to do next to build a predictably profitable business that will succeed without you?

A business coach is your “guide on the side” as you work on the business.  I can help you select impactful areas for change and support you and your business through implementation to realize the intended benefits of the change.

Leveraging Your Success