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If you’re an entrepreneur or thinking about marrying one, this is no joking matter. Sure, lots of engaged couples participate in “marriage prep” courses or programs, but none of them are designed for you to really vet the partner for “fit” if you’re an entrepreneur.Even if your “head” knows you should be having these conversations, your “heart” gets in the way and they rarely, if ever happen prior to tying the knot. Ensure you’re not getting into a relationship without fulling understanding the financial health and circumstances of your future partner. My mother-in-law gave me this sound piece of advice, “Have you checked his wallet?” No one needs the surprises that come along with undisclosed credit card or student debt.

Tip: Respect the JOINT finances. Treat your marriage like a business project – dedicate time to it, get on the same page, shared vision and values. Treat your spouse like a co-pilot – needs to know where the plane is headed and how to make course corrections along the way.

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Shared family goals and understanding of the business’s role in achieving those goals helps keep priorities aligned. When your marriage hits the rocks (and most eventually do), you’ll hang in there, pull through together and emerge stronger.

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