You feel lied to, deceived, betrayed.

They said it would be easy and fast. But making money from consulting or coaching has been anything but easy. Instead, you’re exhausted, discouraged, disillusioned.  You feel like you’ve failed yourself and your family. You’ve poured your heart and soul into creating your programs and courses. Your friends and family said it was a great idea.  Your awards and accolades attested to your expertise in this field.

But when you opened your online shopping cart, they didn’t buy.

Everyone keeps saying, “Facebook is the place to sell. It’s like printing money.” And so you created your ads. You gave it 3 months and a modest ad budget… only to get just a handful of clients.

That was nice.

But not enough. Not nearly enough. You’re not quitting your day job yet.

Are you ready to start your consulting or coaching business?  Are you ready to sell courses and programs?

Assess your Readiness

Leveraging Your Success