Create Impactful Changes to Your Business For Business Succession with Laura Bechard, Calgary Business Consultant and Coach.It doesn’t matter how wonderful your idea or project is if no one uses it.

As digital mail takes hold in our business, I, as the bookkeeper, need to change the business routines so I get the statements and business documents needed for record keeping. These documents used to arrive in the physical mailbox but they now arrive in my business partner’s inbox or via an online portal. I’m still managing this change as my success (getting the documents for record keeping) is dependent on both of us doing our work differently.

Likewise, initiatives you start in your business rely on people to adopt the change and use it. Impactful change leads to improved profitability, time savings or decreased stress. Success might require a change in others’ attitudes, beliefs, behaviours or maybe all three. As creatures of habit, people revert to old behaviours even when they agree that the change desired is positive or good. You just have to reflect on the last time you invested some energy into an improved health project to realize just how strong the status quo can be.

You’ve started on a path to improve your business – why not capture the portion of the project benefits that depends on employee (or any other person’s) adoption and usage?

I believe that business is a tool to help you live the life you want to live. To live the life you want to live, you need to have a predictably profitable business that succeeds without you. That means you need to introduce and manage impactful change. If you believe this too, let’s talk.

Leveraging Your Success