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Great Leaders Celebrate

7 Reasons Great Leaders Celebrate Wins Sure you’ve heard it at every goal setting session you’ve attended.  Celebrate WINS. . But do you know why it makes you a better leader? If you pay lip service to your team’s successes without recognition, what does that say about you as a leader? How do you think employees feel about a leader who doesn’t appreciate their efforts? Those perceptions may also reflect on the company’s ability to attract and retain the talent it needs.  We lay out the reasons for you here.  Add your thoughts in the comments! So here’s our top 7 list of WHY leaders should celebrate wins. Reminds you why the goal was important in the first place. When people apply themselves to the task at hand, they may forget why it was important at all. Taking time to celebrate the win reinforces the WHY behind the activities Reminds…


Becoming — in 2019!

The Beginning.  The End. The In-Between. Get a pen and paper. Ready? As quickly as you can, without thinking, jot down everything that ENDED in 2018.  What was over? What did you give up on? What did you just plain STOP doing? What habits did you break? Make another list.  This time jot down everything you STARTED in 2018.  What began? What new habits did you adopt? What decisions did you make? What relationships started Which list makes you happiest?  Why? We are HUMAN BEINGS.  We are forever in the process of becoming the being we were meant to be.  We are getting closer and closer to fulfilling our life’s purpose. As one year comes to an end, reflect on the achievements, however big or small they may seem. Dedicate some time to creating a list of 10 or more positive, affirmative statements that you are becoming in 2019.  We…


Improve your Relationship with a Weekly Conversation

I hear a lot of family analogies used in business. This time, I’m challenging you to incorporate a business productivity practice into your family: the weekly review. Think Productive’s Ninja habits include developing habits around the “second brain”. The Weekly Review with checklists is one of the tools in exercising this habit. One of the challenges that comes with combining business with family is to ensure that both elements get focus. Incorporating a family weekly review into your practice helps facilitate communication, prepare for the week ahead and reflect on the week that was: what to celebrate (yay), what to correct (oops) and what to reign in (whoa)! Suggested Weekly Review Process 1. Gather loose ends – Collect important mail, statements, permission slips from school, newsletters from activity groups, etc. and dump them into some kind of inbox. It’s a good idea to set up a basket or tray where…


Why Don't We Give Each Other A Break

Why we Don’t Give Each Other a Break

Managers and supervisors often struggle to understand the motivation and rationale behind employee behaviours. When those managers also own the business, the fundamental attribution error often drives decisions rather than the effective habit of “seeking to understand”. Communication, team work and collaboration are significantly enhanced leading to improved productivity from team members when the fundamental attribution error is kept in check. Give someone a break today and be more benevolent. What is the fundamental attribution error? In essence, when we look for motivations behind behaviour, we, as humans, attribute the behaviour to an underlying reason. When we think about others, we tend to overestimate the impact of personal factors (traits, abilities, motives, etc.) and underestimate the situational factors. We do the opposite when we think of ourselves. I always have a good reason for my behaviour. The devil made me do it; however, you have a personality defect. If everyone…


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