Author page: Alia Alhammoud

Email Use and Management Tool Tips

One of the challenges we have encountered in a world where communication takes less effort than the snail mail time and it doesn’t require an investment of a stamp for each message we want to send, email has contributed to the state of overwhelming many business owners are grappling with. Not unlike many other challenges, business owners can improve the situation with intentional email management, education and training. Taking a “do nothing” stance is a decision that is unlikely to improve the situation. Given the impact on your mental health from the state of overwhelm and fear of missing out as well as the financial cost (hourly rate * time to manage email) to continue with your current system, the business case can easily make this one process more effective and efficient. Let’s get proactive! Step 1 Reflect on your role in contributing to the problem. What are you tolerating? What are you…


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