5 Tips for Knockout TestimonialsIt rarely works when you sing your own praises, but can be extremely impactful when others do. You have to earn a testimonial AND ask for it.

Marketing experts agree that using testimonials is a great way to build credibility and trust with potential new customers or prospects. Many business owners have a tough time asking for testimonials and even fewer have a system that helps customers write effective testimonials.

  • Earn One

Do amazing work. WOW your customers by exceeding their expectations.

  • Edit with Care

Real language works best. You may correct some typos and make some grammatical improvements, but you want the testimonial to be authentic. Never fake it.

  • Include “Negative” testimonials

Nothing is more powerful that hearing from a customer who was not initially happy with a product or service. The testimonial shows how you responded to their concerns and converted them into a fan. Ask for a testimonial from a customer whose objections were handled well.

  • Be Specific

Include questions in your template that focus on the impact or result of the customer’s engagement with your business. This connects the dots for prospective customers. These testimonials are then aligned with other messaging in your marketing & communications – they are the proof to back up the statements you make.

  • Reduce Risk or Take away Fear

A testimonial should address one or more of these areas:

  • Show action and make a call to action
  • Overcome an objection
  • Reinforce a claim
  • Claim a happy ending
Leveraging Your Success