3 ways to fall in love with your businessLike many business owners, you might be caught up in the day to day whirlwind of operating your business and need to be reminded why you do what you do. Whether your numbers are up or down, whether you’re deciding to expand or contract to respond to changing political and economic times, it’s important to hold onto the key things that impacted your choice to be in business. Any business story is a love story.

Rekindle the Romance

Like in any relationship, once the honeymoon is over, there are peaks and valleys to your relationship with your business. Sometimes, you’re having fun, everything is in sync and you’re achieving your targets regularly. Other times, you are stymied in every direction, convinced that the gremlins are at work and frustrated that good ideas aren’t having the impact you want. Business is like a teenager – you may not always like it, but your love is a constant!

Remember your first! First client, first store, first sale, first commission. Can you feel the butterflies again?
Tune into your passion! You might not enjoy everything that comes with running a business, but remember the pain you’re solving for your customers or clients. If you love what you do, reconnect with it regularly. Reunite with your vision. You started this business out of love.

Say “Thank-You”

Nothing makes my heart soar more than seeing the smile or a lift that saying “thank-you” gives to someone else – a customer, a staff member, a supplier, your spouse, or anyone else you’ve interacted with today. Be genuine with your thanks and whenever possible complete the statement with what you are thanking the person for. “Thanks for paying particular attention to that customer today. It seems you really made his day!” Be thankful for all you have.

Reconnect with your core values.

What matters most? Who matters most? Don’t sweat the small stuff and reconnect with what matters in the big scheme of things. Truly let go of sh*t that doesn’t really matter: its liberating!

Leveraging Your Success