A reliable and respectful crew is the ultimate goal of any contractor. How to recruit and retain employees who are a good fit for your values?

ProVision worked with a local Calgary supplier and installer of commercial specialties to attain that goal. Though the owner had spent significant time on hiring, he didn’t have a crew that met his expectations, and the company culture was not where he wanted it to be. Laura developed a clever interview process that filtered out potentially unreliable candidates passively, and narrowed down the applicants for live interviews. She then assisted with scheduling and sat in on the interviews to make the most of the owner’s time. At the end of the process, the owner had a crew that he was proud of and began a new chapter in his business.

Laura reminded the owner that hiring wasn’t ever really done – “always be recruiting.” Now that the owner has systemized his hiring process, building his team as the business grows will be easy and effective.

Result: Built a Team to Be Proud Of
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