In a playing field flooded with armchair amateurs, pretentious agencies and business flops, how can a web development firm with real technical chops differentiate itself?

One way is to listen, and then deliver like a champ. The business owner had a vision to deliver consistently high quality product at a reasonable price point for small and medium businesses. What she didn’t have was the business expertise or experience to realize that vision. There’s an awesome product – but now what? Even revolutionary products don’t last if the business doesn’t reach buyers or can’t deliver predictably.

Laura is working with the owner on an ongoing basis to build her business into a firm with the power to stay in the market for many years. ProVision is providing an ongoing holistic experience to the owner which includes sales process, marketing, lead generation, systems, leadership, financials, and finally support & motivation.

Result: Building a Sustainable Business
Leveraging Your Success