A challenge facing any consultant is how to rise above exchanging time for money. There are built-in caps on revenue! So how can a professional services provider grow their business?

A project management consultant in Calgary had built a solid practice as a solopreneur over the 5 years since leaving his corporate job. Now, however, he found that his growth had levelled off and his book was “full”. Unsatisfied, he reached out to ProVision Business Advisors to work on developing growth strategies that were outside the box. He realized that not only was he artificially limiting his ability to earn, he had also designed a foundation for his business which encouraged his clients to question his motives for spending time on their projects. After implementing a different approach to pricing and how he was engaging with his clients, his annual revenue grew by several orders of magnitude. Even better? The new approach allowed him to serve his clients even better.

Result: Growing Solo Practice
Leveraging Your Success