Medical professionals spend years in school before they open their own practices, and many thousands of dollars getting there. But “healthpreneur” education doesn’t include the necessary business skills that medical professionals will need to build a successful practice. Where can a highly qualified medical professional start?

A young local DC who had spent several years working within an established practice was ready to strike out on his own. He had built his own book of clients, so he was confident that his practice would thrive. What he wasn’t prepared for was losing over half of his book because his new location was not convenient for many of his clients. Nor was he prepared for the true cost of overhead including support staff, and general operations. He had plenty of funding but didn’t have the time or expertise to spend it on building his practice effectively. And he also didn’t know how to train his new staff to provide excellent customer service. ProVision advised the young doc away from a struggling new office suffering with missteps into a thriving chiropractic practice with a book full of raving fans.

Result: Thriving Medical Practice
Leveraging Your Success