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My Business Life

Hosted by Shama Yunus Joynt

Provision Business Advisors Founder, Laura Bechard, talks about life as a business owner and loving mother. In this episode, Shama and Laura talk about managing accounts for their family farm, the give and take of our partnerships, and why family comes first. Listen to the podcast by clicking here!


Epic Phelan

Hosted by Ryan Phelan

Our very own Senior Business Advisor, Laura Bechard, joins host Ryan Phelan to dive deeper into focusing on New Year’s goals, staying in control of your mission and the importance of keeping score. Check out the podcast for yourself by clicking here!


This Pint Has 20 Ounces by Wild Rose Brewery

Hosted by Josh + Jonathan

Join the hosts and our Senior Advisor, Laura Bechard, as they chat more about her century old family farm, and how the next generation is moving towards the future through building a medicinal cannabis facility at Green Gram Botanicals. An interesting episode – click here to have a listen!

Blog Features

Delegate, Don’t Abdicate!

on The CTRL Lab

Laura Bechard was featured on the blog of Digital Delegation Agency, The CTRL Lab, to provide valuable tips and insight to small business owners on how to improve their delegation practices. Readers will walk away with 4 Simple Steps Before Delegating Their Next Task!

Noteworthy Media Mentions

Road to Reopening: Hill Street Bar & Restaurant

 on Reach Further by East West Bank

“‘It’s also important to maintain a growth mindset, according to business consultant Laura Bechard, founder of ProVision Business Advisors. ‘For many of us as business owners, the time that we’re in right now is one of the most challenging times that we’ve met in our lives… It’s about the passion for stretching yourself and sticking to it, especially when it’s not going well—that’s the hallmark,’ says Bechard'” – Read the full article here!

Pandemic Pivots: Lollicup USA Becomes Mask Supplier

 on Reach Further by East West Bank

“When pivoting, keep in mind that one of the areas that’s important for business owners right now is building trust with customers, according to Laura Bechard, who heads ProVision Business Advisors. ‘Businesses that have been competing on price are going to find that customers are more concerned now about trust and safety. Make sure that your marketing messages and your communications are built around trust and safety.'” – Read the full article here!

Negotiating With Your Vendors and Suppliers During the COVID-19 Downturn

 on Reach Further by East West Bank

“These are unprecedented times, and like a domino effect, we’re seeing business after business shut down, massive layoffs, and all of this causing an extensive decrease in demand for products and services across many sectors and industries,”  says Laura Bechard, CEO and business growth advisor for  ProVision Business Advisors – Read the full article here!


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