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Key Financial Strategies in a Cash Crunch

Every now and then, managing cash flow poses a challenge.  Sometimes these challenges are temporary and seasonal and other times they are persistent.  Whether the cash crunch is a result of personal decisions (such as wedding, baby, personal purchases, investments) or for business purposes (such as buying a business, investing in capital, weathering a downturn in operations or […]

Good Intentions => No Results

Gosh darn it all!  Another week has passed and my good intentions to work ON our business’s “Big Picture” has come and gone.  It’s so easy to have my day slip away with operational needs, interruptions and otherwise “good” activities.  Does this happen to you too? Are you ready to turn “good intentions” into actions? Are you […]

Great Family Leadership Retreat

Fill in the blank – are you good enough? Smart enough? Understanding enough? Benevolent enough? Harsh enough?  Strict enough?  Thin enough? Confident enough? Having insecurities and questioning whether I am  ________ enough seems to be part of every human being’s struggle.  I struggle to be a good enough Mother, business partner, consultant, spouse, sister, friend, coworker, […]

The Business of Care Giving: Systems and Routines to Help

If you are a family caregiver for a loved one – aged or with a disability, you have likely discovered that before long, you are “running a small business”.  You are hiring staff, overseeing the needs of your loved ones, perhaps paying their bills for them, communicating with health and other program providers, filling out forms […]

One Simple Change to Benefit your Business in 2016

Tis the time for folks to start thinking about wrapping up 2015, reflecting on the year that was and developing a vision for the year ahead.  Many New Year’s resolutions are for personal change.  Here’s one small change that you can make in your business that will have a significant impact over the year.  Are […]