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Because I Said so

If you find yourself saying something like, “I said so” to get buy in, you might get compliance, but are unlikely to increase engagement. Any parent identifies with challenging situations where all attempts to reason and influence their child’s behaviour failed. Out of exasperation or frustration, the words, “Because I said so” are uttered. The […]

Get on the PEOPLE side

It doesn’t matter how wonderful your idea or project is if no one uses it. As digital mail takes hold in our business, I, as the bookkeeper, need to change the business routines so I get the statements and business documents needed for record keeping. These documents used to arrive in the physical mailbox but […]

Get Your Motor Runnin’

On our farm, getting the equipment ready for spring seeding or the fall harvest is an important seasonal routine. If we have an equipment breakdown, we increase risk to the business. If we don’t get the crop planted by a certain date, we increase the chance that we won’t get it harvested before frost or […]


Have you asked yourself this lately, “What’s In It For Me?” “Why did I decide to be in business?” If you’re like most entrepreneurs, your drive to be a business owner is part of your DNA. Perhaps you marveled at the success of someone else and thought, “If this guy can be successful, then I […]

3 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Business

Like many business owners, you might be caught up in the day to day whirlwind of operating your business and need to be reminded why you do what you do. Whether your numbers are up or down, whether you’re deciding to expand or contract to respond to changing political and economic times, it’s important to […]

Can’t Keep Up? 5 Simple Ways to Step Back And Work ON Your Business

Frustrated with your ability to take your business to the next level? Feeling the pinch between working in your business and spending time where you really want to – with friends, family or leisure pursuits? Tired? Are you enjoying a successful business and starting to think about outsourcing more, hiring staff or stepping away from […]