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3 Routes to Small Business Succession

I was talking to three entrepreneurs last month, all of whom had succeeded their parents in running a family business. These conversations always peak my interest because we operate in an industry that traditionally was 100% family run: agriculture. As a business owner, succession is a key conversation for you to have regularly with your […]

A Minimalist Guide to Entrepreneurial Reflection

Fireside chats over a glass of mulled wine or a frosty pint of beer are times to reflect on the past year and to thoughtfully and intentionally move forward with plans to achieve different results this year. We look back at the last 12 months, celebrate the wins and focus each area of our lives […]

4 Mistakes With Your Time you Don’t Even Know You’re Making.

Peter Drucker reminds us: Management is about doing things right; leadership is about doing the right things. Mistake #1 – Doing the wrong things Time flies by – no one seems to argue this cliche whether you’re looking at changes in your personal life, your family or your business. Only you can decide what the […]

5 Key Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Business Coach

What business consulting and coaching experience do you bring? Coaching and consulting are different skill sets. In a business coach, you’re looking for sound business knowledge, ideas, alternatives, advice (consulting) as well as the ability to step back and challenge you to step up to greatness, be accountable for your actions and ask you great […]

Who’s Your Wingman?

You don’t have to think very hard to find examples of careers that mentor newbies with experienced practitioners. Most professions along with apprenticeship trades know the model is effective, not only at passing along knowledge, skills, professional judgment, but also for building confidence and having a safe “sounding board” in a peer that’s walked a […]

Hide And Seek – Strategies to Free Up Hidden Profits

It’s hard to ignore the news reporting an economic downturn in Alberta with some economists even using the “R” word (Recession). Couple the general economic woes with an increasing cost structure (taxes, minimum wage, insurance, etc.) and it may feel as if you’re pushing that string up an insurmountable hill. Fear not, here’s a few […]

Strategies to Improve Your Profitability Part 2

In Strategies to Improve your Profitability – Part 1, I described how important it is for business owners to understand their financials and the actions / decisions behind the numbers. Now that you have completed an analysis and identified a “problem expense”, you may be wondering, “What now?” A key to the effectiveness of your […]

Strategies to Improve Your Profitability Part 1

Yesterday, October 1, 2015, minimum wage in Alberta increased by $1.00/hour from $10.20 to $11.20. Saskatchewan & Manitoba are following suit. In this series of posts, I’ll share ideas, tips and strategies for business owners. You pick the ones that will add value to your business. Consult with your business coach to help you select […]

The Rush

I love it when we win the game. I feel the rush of adrenalin. My heart pounds, muscles tense and I feel tremendous satisfaction. You may be wondering, “What game is she playing?” I’m playing the game of business. Agriculture is like many businesses that need to predict demand for their goods and services months […]

It’s GO Time

In my June post, “Get your Motor Runnin’” I talked about the importance of routines in our crop production business during seeding. Guess what? It’s harvest time! Woot woot! More routines… Wait a minute…Maybe I am celebrating a bit prematurely. I think in many of our life and business experiences, we remember the good parts […]