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Successful Business With Your Spouse

Successful marriage. Successful business. Neither happens without commitment, growth, resilience, grit and hard work. As I reflect on the value of the conversations we engaged in during our marriage preparation courses, I can’t help but wonder how useful a “business preparation” course would have been. My husband was in business when I met him. When […]

Why we Don’t Give Each Other a Break

Managers and supervisors often struggle to understand the motivation and rationale behind employee behaviours. When those managers also own the business, the fundamental attribution error often drives decisions rather than the effective habit of “seeking to understand”. Communication, team work and collaboration are significantly enhanced leading to improved productivity from team members when the fundamental […]

My Sister. My Brother. My Friend. My Business Partner?

You think you know your sibling and that s/he knows you. You’ve already shared many common experiences that built trust. You’ve worked through conflict and know that your backgrounds, although different, were similar. You may think you can smoothly enter into a business relationship with your sibling with all the relationship protocols intact. Chances are […]

Rethinking the Family Biz

If you’re lucky enough to have a business in the family, the local economic health might be prompting you to re-think your mindset about its value. If you’re like many children whose parents started a business or carried on a family business, you either want to jump in as a successor or you want to […]

5 Tips for Knockout Testimonials

It rarely works when you sing your own praises, but can be extremely impactful when others do. You have to earn a testimonial AND ask for it. Marketing experts agree that using testimonials is a great way to build credibility and trust with potential new customers or prospects. Many business owners have a tough time […]

From Idea to Impact

If you’re like me, you have no shortage of ideas for your business but you struggle to move them forward. You know you can’t implement all of them – at least not all at once. You also might not be sure which of the ideas to implement for impact. Without a structured process to take […]

The Next 100 Days: A Simple Process to Realize Your Goals

Achieving your goals requires a daily commitment and reflection to celebrate the successes and steps made towards achieving the goal as well as time to reflect upon and strategize about the struggles. Think about the next 100 days. What one goal do you want to accomplish in those 100 days? Now, break this into 10, […]

Are you Ready to Strip… Down to the Bare Essentials?

Here’s a little exercise for you to do. Think about the KEY business objective for the next 100 days that will have the most IMPACT on achieving your vision. Now, reverse engineer the optional paths to get there. Can you break this 100 days into 10 – 10 day smaller projects? Select the optimal path […]

7 Steps – From Great Idea to Results!

Entrepreneurs are known for seeing opportunities and generating business ideas. They’re not all GREAT ideas, but without walking through the steps to evaluate the idea, you’ll just never know. Here’s a simple process to help you identify which ideas will yield the greatest results. Great ideas are evaluated in terms of business impact: Do they […]

Obstacles – Going Over, Under or Through

I was reminded today of a children’s story/song, “We’re going on a Bear Hunt” where the family encounters many obstacles on their hunt for the “big one”: long tall grass, a deep cold river, a swirling, whirling snowstorm, a narrow, gloomy cave and thick oozy mud. Achieving your vision for success in your business is […]